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100Twin City Lanes & Games in Berlin, Vermont has received the first ever Terraform Battle Quest Laser Tag arena designed by Creative Works to compliment their bowling and arcade areas. The multi-level arena is over 3,700 square feet and themed out with amazing 3D florescent murals and industrial props. This theme is based on a storyline set centuries into the future.

Earth is sending a reconnaissance team to investigate the dangerous mystery of planet Terraform. Players are transported onto this industrial planet, where they must complete their mission to save this land which was once lush and beautiful. Players put on Zone laser tag equipment to protect from the dangerous desert planet and to succeed in this challenging mission.

Brightly colored steel walls with foreign symbols create a maze for the team. Strange glowing barrels and huge rusted pipes stretch throughout the arena. It's not long before the expedition finds the heart of the planet's power grid and a huge 14 foot machine glowing with stolen energy. Terraform has been slowly stripped of its capacity for decades, but who is behind this crime? It's up to each new player to find the real culprit of Terraform's destruction.092

Twin City Lanes is one of the many bowling centers that has modernized by adding a laser tag arena to better utilize square footage. "We are extremely pleased and happy," commented Randy Longe, owner of Twin City Lanes & Games. "The arena is fantastic, and we are glad to be getting the best of the best". By adding a laser tag arena, a facility can attract new customers and reward loyal customers for their patronage. "New attractions keep guests coming back for more. We suggest revamping an attraction or game area at least every two years," commented Jeff Schilling, President of Creative Works. Re-investment into a facility can also improve company morale. Employees want to take pride in what they do, and when employees see modernization they can be confident they are offering a quality product to guests.

Twin City Lanes & Games has received multiple new additions to its facility. A new restaurant is now available for meals and snacks in between play, as well as a game arcade for exciting and interactive fun. The bowling and family entertainment center now has enhanced cosmic lights and seating in the bowling area for amazing Cosmic Bowling and improved its concourse to complete the total "WOW Effect."